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I write content based on experience and research in the residential construction field

"Wally explains complicated construction concepts with ease and his 30+ years of hands-on expertise really comes through in his writing. He outperforms just about every freelance writer that our marketing agency has hired on UpWork in terms of content quality, responsiveness, and deadline adherence."

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My exposure to residential construction started when I was 10 years old. My parents decided to build our home and jammed a 6 month long building process into 10 years. They were building out of pocket, and while I give them credit for having the fortitude to go that route, I don’t recommend it for the weak of heart. Besides, building codes won’t allow it any longer.

My background in residential construction continued with a short stint as a Dewalt saw operator at a roof and floor truss company before I went in the Navy. After getting out (10 years later), I started with 84 Lumber working at the desk and then loading what I sold. That was the way the company worked back in 1984!

I stayed with the industry through all kinds of changes throughout the years. I became an outside salesman at a contractor yard, I worked at Lowes Home Center in retail management for almost 7 years, I was a custom home builder for 4 years, I have been (and still am) a handyman making a living with my tools, I was an operations manager handling shipping/receiving/warehouse and yard operations as well as doing the purchasing and special order sales for a small lumber yard. I’ve handled customer service and installed sales. I haven’t done it all – but I’ve done a bunch!

I have a substantial background in the residential construction industry and I’m turning that experience into a career of writing about the construction industry. If you have any writing projects that are relative to this industry, please reach out to me and let’s start a conversation about your needs. I look forward to hearing from you. (You can reach me at wallyroderick@gmail.com and also at Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/in/wally-roderick-b7286a152/. My Linkedin page will also have additional links to other articles.)

Topics: Residential construction Industry (primary), retail, purchasing, lumberyard operations, gardening,raising animals,homesteading, traveling
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