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Certified Writers

Are you a freelance writer who’d like to be listed in this exclusive directory?

Welcome! Nice to meet you. is the exclusive directory of certified writers who have graduated from the Smart Blogger Content Marketing Certification Course. These writers have demonstrated they understand content marketing concepts and can translate that knowledge into an effective blog post for clients that meets our standards and the approval of our editors.

If you’re a freelance writer dreaming of better pay and great clients, this may be the fastest, simplest path to the writing career you want.

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About the Content Marketing Certification Course

The Content Marketing Certification Course is one of a portfolio of Smart Blogger courses teaching people how to use their writing skills to make money and change their lives.

Besides demonstrating knowledge of SEO, effective blog writing, content marketing concepts and techniques by passing a rigorous exam, writers must prove they can effectively execute what they’ve learned by producing a lengthy portfolio piece that meets the scrutiny of our editors before they are certified.

Numerous agencies, companies and large blogs are hiring our graduates to write effective content that can rank.