Shannon Hager

SEO Optimized Content + My Writing Skills = Kick Butt Content!

Who am I?

I'm Shannon. I'm an SEO-certified content writer and copyeditor with eight years of experience in the IT industry.

I completed Smartblogger's Content Marketing Internship in December 2022.

I was an Associate Blog Editor.

During the internship, I got the opportunity to: 1) optimize posts for SEO in Ahref's, 2) create Content Briefs from scratch, 3) communicate with other writers on their posts, 4) copyedit the posts, and 5) get the posts ready for publication on Smartblogger's website.

I wrote my post: 5+ Top Entry-Level Digital Marketing Jobs.

I also wrote this: 10 In-Demand Freelance Jobs (& Where To Find Them) in 2023 

What do I do?

I create informative, engaging content that keeps readers coming back for more.  In addition, I write long-form content-Ultimate Guides, How-to posts, and List posts.

The length ranges from 1,000-5,000 words.

My areas of interest are IT-B2B SAAS, end-user experience-internet, networking, aging, and personal finance.

I have a talent for turning complex topics into content anyone can read and enjoy.

How do I do it? 

I'll speak with you before writing to ensure we're both on the same page. Then, together, we'll determine the target keyword that I'll use. Then I'll do competitive research to determine the best content, format-whether it's a "List Post," an "Ultimate Guide," or a "How-To post."

After that, I'll complete the Content Brief, a detailed outline. This outline leaves nothing out. You'll review this outline.

After that's done, I'll write my draft. That's my process.

Why am I a good choice?

I'm fast, detailed, and accurate. I leave nothing out. I ensure everything is included in my outline before I start writing anything.

This way, I can deliver the best content possible to you ASAP!

What People are Saying........

Pat Blakely, Product Manager, Smartblogger-

"Shannon is a wonderful wordsmith and content strategist extraordinaire. Her writing is polished, engaging, and tailored to her audience's needs and interests. She consistently delivers high-quality work on time and goes above and beyond. If you're looking for a dedicated, talented writer, Shannon is your go-to."

Sam Driver, Associate Editor, Smartblogger-

"Shannon is a talented writer and editor with a keen eye for detail. She has a gift for taking complex topics, breaking them down into bite-sized pieces, and delivering them in a simplified manner. Plus, she's reliable, highly organized, and professional. It's been a pleasure working with her."

Where Can You Find my Writing Samples?

Senior Travel: The Ultimate Guide for 2023 

Frugal Living: The Ultimate Guide in 2023 

Chatbot Software: The Ultimate Guide in 2023

Please email me at:, and we can discuss your content needs.

I look forward to working with you!






Topics: B2B SAAS, IT: end-user experience-Internet, networking, digital marketing, personal finance, aging
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