Ramona Denton

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I am a writer, blogger and author, focused on creating SEO-optimized content. I have Smart Blogger Certifications in Content Marketing, SEO Strategy and Copy Editing.

I grew up in Southern California, and made my living there for many years as a printer, technical writer and labeling specialist. But more recently, I enjoy a more mobile lifestyle, living in different places.

From a Blogger to a Senior Tax Specialist to a Global Labeling Manager. From Florida to Missouri to Massachusetts. I have always been a writer at heart. And that's what I can offer you.

Writing with heart.

My focus is on creating content. Writing with heart will help me to walk that extra mile with your readers and customers. When they read your blog, they will look over their shoulder to see if you're reading their minds.

That's how deeply I empathize with your readers.

We know what they want. The same thing everybody wants:

  • A comfortable, healthy life
  • Hopes and dreams for a better future
  • Freedom from hunger, poverty and danger
  • Solutions to their most vexing fears and frustrations

And your product or service delivers one of these benefits or solutions. Right?

Let's get the word out to the people who need it!

Let's turn some of those internet searchers into loyal, repeat customers, shall we?

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Favorite Topics
I write about many different topics, but here are a few of my favorite things to write about. For an extended list, see my about page.

  • Weight Loss & Healthy Low Carb Nutrition
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Personal Finance
  • Christian Living

Here are some samples of my writing:

Sample List Post
7 Fatal Mistakes to Avoid When Facing Writer’s Block

Sample "Ultimate Guide" Blog Post 
Frugal Living: The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money in 2022

Sample Article about Jerky vs. the Carnivore Bar
Is Jerky a Good Travel Food for the Carnivore Diet? (5 Reasons Why Healthy Fat is Critical)

Christian prayer and devotional book I wrote and published (non-affiliate link)
Praying through the Pandemic: 30 Prayers and Promises for Troubled Times, Volume 1: Psalms

See my posts at https://medium.com/@ramona.denton.

Topics: weight loss, low carb nutrition, paleo/ketogenic/carnivore diet, intermittent fasting, personal finance, travel, mobile lifestyle, Christian living, inspirational, devotional, prayer, fasting.
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