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What do sleep hygiene habits, Amazon product listing services, and honorary mom have in common?

Me. I have written these articles.

“Naomie is always a pleasure to work with. She provides high-quality work on time and at a great price. I would 100% recommend to others.”

“Naomie is just wonderful to work with! She's a reliable writer that always turns great work on time.”

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Hello, my name is Naomie Kilombele and I am a Smart Blogger Certified content writer. Having worked as an Executive Assistant in various industries for 15+ years gives me the advantage of being a versatile content writer. It means you will benefit from my good listening and communication skills, and professionalism.

I am based in Dar es Salaam. I have also lived in 2 African countries and visited a few more. This has given me cultural insights and experiences that will translate to engaging content.

Health, nutrition, personal growth, self-help, and aging are topics that interest me greatly. In addition to that, I am open to exploring projects in a variety of areas.

I love puzzles and will not rest until I solve them. So you can be assured that even if it’s a new topic for me, I will research it well until the whole picture is clear to me. I will listen to your requirements, consider your keywords, and discuss with you to prepare a detailed outline. Once you and I are happy with it, I will work on the first draft.

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Topics: Health, nutrition, personal growth, self-help, aging, shopping, beauty, writing.
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