Nancy N. Wilson

Experience, Quality, SEO Driven

The Challenge of Content Marketing

Internet noise is loud and the competition is fierce.

How do you stand out in the crowd and reach your targeted audience?

You use high-quality content that is key-word-driven and SEO-based with the potential of ranking on Google.

You publish content that will inspire and add value to your readers.

No need to look further, you have found the right person - a native English speaker, well-educated, dedicated writer with years of experience, who is passionate about the written word.

As an advocate of lifelong learning, I am willing to research and write about most subjects.

My undergraduate degree is a double major: Child Psychology and Education, with an MBA from Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management.

I have lived and worked abroad and traveled extensively, which has given me a deep appreciation of all cultures and an insatiable curiosity about the differences and similarities of people everywhere.

My past professional lives have included teaching English and history in California; Commercial Interior Designer in Silicon Valley (Entrepreneur);  Corporate Consultant and Master Trainer in Leadership Development, and Business Development Officer for two large nonprofits.

It would be a pleasure to help you meet your content marketing needs.

Look forward to talking to you soon,

Nancy N Wilson

Writing Samples

Long-form Content: 4000 words

2020 Small Business Marketing: Everything You Need to Stay Competitive

Blog Posts/Short-Form Content

How to Stay Focused and Productive (Five Simple Strategies) ~800 words

How to Keep the Glass Ceiling from Ruining Your Career ~1550 words

How to Reignite Your Creativity - Three Easy Steps  ~980 words

Make Today Count - It's All You Have     ~400 words


Topics: Small Business Marketing, Food and Health, Personal Growth, Aging, Life Lessons
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