Michelle Grace Maiellaro

You bring epic strategy, I'll bring epic content.


Are you looking for engaging, no-nonsense, winning content?

Do you want to build traffic and optimize your pages for search engines?

And are you searching for someone reliable, experienced, and creative?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then, "Hello!"  You've found me.

About Me

Hi, I'm Michelle.

I'm a results-driven, creative professional with 30+ years experience in the travel, sales, and cultural industries.

As a certified content marketer, I create SEO-friendly, traffic-building content with straightforward, conversational-style writing.

As a U.S. ex-pat living in Italy, I instill creativity and beauty into everything I produce.

As a former account manager, I turn goals into results.

As a former people manager, I communicate to ensure we're on the same page.

How do I do this?

Before we get started, we have a Q&A and complete a content brief together. After, you'll receive an initial outline, regular updates, and feedback requests on initial drafts.

Why hire me?

Thanks to my eclectic career in more than one industry (and on more than one continent), I bring well-honed strengths to your content strategy: professionalism, trustworthy collaboration, curiosity, enthusiastic research and analysis, empathy, and sparkling communication. Connect with me today to turn your ideas into winning content.


"Michelle was​ absolutely great to work with, her communication was excellent, and she met every deadline we ​assigned to her. She also offered sound suggestions that added to the quality of each of our content pieces. Because of this, we were able to deliver insightful, interesting, and well-written articles that made us very proud. I would 100% recommend Michelle to anyone who's looking for a reliable, creative, and skilled content writer."

- Pilar Suquilvide, Head of Client Account Management, Flying Cat Marketing

"Michelle has everything you could wish for in a content writer. She’s meticulous in her research, flawless in her writing style and adept at on-page SEO. She hit the ground running with our lifestyle/health client, developing a deep understanding of their messaging and tone of voice from the get-go. She is good at following instructions and accepting feedback, and at the same time, she brings original ideas to the table, always going the extra mile. She is a first-rate content writer and I recommend her to anyone who’s looking for a professional with her extensive skill set."

- Vivien Magyar, SEO Content Strategist, Flying Cat Marketing


Work Samples

Content Writing:


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B2B Fintech:

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B2C Health and Wellness:

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Travel With a Menstrual Cup: Foolproof Tips for Jet Setters

Freelance Writing:

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Personal blog posts:

“I Give Up!” How To Get Your Mojo Back (Even When You're Ready To Quit on Life)
15 Ways to Master Resilience
How To Manage Stress (And Restore Inner Peace)

Guest posts:

Tiny Buddha: When You're Confused About What To Do: How To Find Clarity
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Live Purposefully Now: 15 Ways to Let Go (Without Giving Up)
Purpose Fairy: 5 Powerful Ways To Practice Self Compassion

Topics: Fintech, Wellbeing and Health, Writing, and Personal Development
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