Maurice Byrdsong

I am a content strategist that extracts exactly who your audience is inside and out, so you can create content that resonates and converts.

So Anyway, How Is It Hangin! Name Is Maurice

And I am a Certified Content Marketer, which you probably gathered, and a Content Strategist, which may just be finding out. I help create content and perform content marketing for small to mid-sized businesses in B2B Industries and the B2C audience. I assist them in discovering and rediscovering (we all get lost sometimes) their voice and audience to produce targeted content month after month and get the results they want.

If You Choose Me, What Do You Get?

First, you will be receiving an animated and wired individual but one who also knows how to read the temperature of the room as a professional.

Secondly, you will be getting a person who will tell you the truth; I will not allow you to walk around with egg on your face unless you tell me it serves a purpose and you like how it looks.

I believe in listening to what you want then communicating how we can accomplish those goals and even the time length it may take to do so.

I won't be selling you a dream.

Thirdly, you will be receiving a diver.

What do I mean by that?

I love people. They fascinate me, you fascinate me, my major in college was sociology, and at the time, like many students, I wasn't even thinking about how I could monetize the knowledge learned. Who knew that developing a Content strategy for a client and using the best Content Marketing practices would be a natural fit for the study of human behavior.

Although it came naturally, I did have to refine my skills in communicating logic, ideas, and emotion through content.

Whoever your target audience is will be filtered down to a single avatar, and we will get real creepy and intimate about who that person is from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep and why they do it all again the next day.

Did I Just Read A Sample Of Your Writing Style?

If you made it this far, absolutely.

Content Marketing is used more as the appropriate term because Storytelling sounds a little too unprofessional and too campfire-ish. My writing style is catered to your audience; it's about your avatar, it's about having a conversation with the one person at the party who actually cares about what you have to say and then acts on your advice.

Sitting on the fence is not something I personally nor professionally excel in because I know authentic engagement that leads to conversions is the goal.

Can I Get A Hell Yeah!!

I have Strategy Maurice, I Need Content.

I can do that too.

For content creation services, I provide:

Case studies that provide emotional gravity for an audience that every great story has, with an in-depth client interview, so I can gain some back story of your client's problem before they realized that you had the only solution for them.

 Blog Posts that are powered by SEO. And provide content that has a natural flow so the reader can get through your entire post without ever feeling like they need to stop.

White papers that will be correctly planned out from the start, so there is no confusion moving forward. Includes unbiased language that meets the audience where they are without the jargon that can intimidate decision-makers and turn them to your competitors.

I have prepared a few samples below, along with my contact information, in case you had any questions for me.



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 Sample: Best Practices for Online Product Marketing in 2021

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