Lou Gibbons

Using creative content strategies to build client competitiveness and take companies into new markets

British-born and living in France, I am a certified content marketeer with over 20 years’ experience of helping companies invest internationally and conquer new markets.  I don’t just write for clients. I create development strategies for them.

Working with high-growth tech start-ups through to large multinationals, I specialise in long-form web content, blog posts, opinion pieces and press releases. I am at ease across a number of different industries and service sectors and in both the North American and European markets.

Clients like working with me because I understand how companies work and how to pitch them in a competitive marketplace.  My experience of different markets allows me the insight needed to tailor approaches to meet client needs.

I have worked with established corporates in the aerospace, automotive, logistics, luxury, software, business services and agri-food sectors, as well as high growth start-ups.  Other clients include major North American and European cities seeking to attract inward investment.

Clients like working with me!  I may be freelance, but I always ensure a collaborative approach to all my projects, allowing a space where the best ideas can meet.

I am a calm and collected individual.  Maybe that comes from being a trained meditation teacher!  Thanks to this experience and desire to help others, I manage the personal development blog, Best Life. Best You, offering people a path to happiness amidst modern day stress.

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Topics: Industry, Service Sector, Tech, Personal Development, Meditation and Mindfulness
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