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Because What You Say (And How You Say It!)—Matters—When It Comes to Money & Health

Hi! I’m Leona Werezak MN, RN —a nurse, educator, academic, and researcher by profession—but a money geek and entrepreneur at heart!

I’m a certified content marketer with 25+ years experience as a nurse and nurse educator in the healthcare industry and I’ve produced a wide variety of written material for different readers in my career. For the past 5 years, I’ve had the privilege of producing customized content in the healthcare and personal finance areas for clients—just like you.

I specialize in writing detailed, long-form content such as “ultimate” guides or comprehensive healthcare articles and personal finance guides that are supported by current research. I love making complex subject matter understandable and interesting to the average reader.

Most recently, I’ve been producing engaging short-form blog and website posts that “speak” directly to personal finance readers’ interests and needs in a more conversational tone. 

So—more importantly—you might be wondering, what can I do for you?

Whether your goal is to drive more traffic to your site, educate your audience, or establish your company as an authority in your content area, my first goal is to understand your needs before I ever write a word for you.

Once we're on the same page, I’ll prepare a content brief with you that’ll help ensure I understand your needs and that I’m on target to meet them with the content I produce for you. 

Then I will research and conduct a competitive analysis of current top related content to ensure the content I produce for you goes “above & beyond” that of your competitors.

With this information in hand, I’ll prepare a tentative and detailed content outline for you to review and approve before I begin to write a first draft for you.

If you’re looking for a writer who’s:

  • easy to work with
  • detail-oriented, and
  • always submits work on time (or early!)

Please reach out to me and I’d love to discuss how I can help produce amazing on-point content for your audience too.

Because what you say—and how you say it—matters (a lot!).


You can review some samples of my published work below:


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NOTE: Although I don’t have a byline on these FamilyAssets articles below, I wrote these articles and many others for FamilyAssets and I have the permission of Wes Fuller, CEO at FamilyAssets, to share this with you. You’ll also see at the end of these articles below and many other articles on this site that I was asked to be their expert reviewer as well).

How to Determine Senior Care Options

Long-Term Care for Alzheimer’s and Dementia


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Long-Term Care for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

Should A Senior Be Living Alone?


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I look forward to hearing from you!


~ Leona Werezak



Topics: Healthcare/Wellness/Medical, Personal Finance, Higher Education
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