Laura Di Franco, MPT

Change the World One Brave Word at a Time

If you're looking to work with a writer who has extensive expertise and knowledge in the healthcare industry, including the fields of health, wellness, and holistic healing, and also understands that content is only as good as the results it achieves, please connect with me and we'll discuss your requirements.

I specialize in writing long form content (such as ultimate guides) about complex health conditions, mind-body healing, physical therapy, bodywork, massage, and other holistic and/or alternative medicine modalities or approaches. I have a knack for writing about serious topics in an interesting, authentic, brave, engaging and conversational way.

Your goal might be to attract more search traffic, or to establish yourself as an authority in a particular topic. Either way, I'll only begin writing when I have a complete and clear understanding of those goals. Once I know we're on the same page I'll do research to understand what competing articles look like, and then create a detailed content outline for your review.

You can view some examples of my work here:

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Visualization; The Ultimate How-To Guide for Manifesting in 2020

How to Relieve Lower Back Pain; The Ultimate Guide (Plus When to Get Help)

Niching; the Biggest Secret to Business Success 

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