Kris Freeman

Writing to Reach the Soul

Who Am I?...

Hi, I am Kris and I am a freelance writer, certified content marketer, blogger, self-kindness coach, and seeker of my soul's truth.

I like to write about the "Journey".
You know, that road we are all on to live our highest potential with integrity.
A messy road I've been on for 50+ years.
A life of twists and turns that includes motherhood, depression, anxiety, marriage, divorce, two dogs, and a partnership minus the wedding ring.
And this wonderful and sometimes not so wonderful life has led me into a 15+ year coaching practice using energetic tools to change and redirect the "NOT SO GOOD STUFF" for clients and myself.

What I do...

I have discovered late in life depending on who you talk to that I have a knack for writing.
I love to write in a tone that is conversational because let's face it, it can be hard to sit down, focus and read something of any great technical length when life is happening all around you.
And since I have personal experience coaching, I find that I like writing articles for the topics of Mental Health, Parenting, Cooking, Motivational Coaching, Alternative Healing, and last but not least Supplements (You should see my medicine cabinet).

How I do it?...

Well here's the thing, writing grammatically well thought out posts is just not enough to catch the attention of Google or our friends surfing the net.
Research, research, research is the name of the game here.
There are things like SEO, Content Briefs, Keywords, Competitive Research, Headlines, Sub-Headlines, Visuals, FAQ's, Word Counts, Seriously Helping Someone with your words that are all part of writing a compelling post that will rank in Google, get YOU in front of Potential Clients and ultimately get your voice heard!!!
Because isn't that what we all want?

Why I Am A Good Choice?...

I have found the process of crafting a really good article is about knowing what YOU Want, What The Reader Expects, and What Google Considers Valuable.
And we will not move forward until all of those pieces have been flushed out.
By hiring me, you better believe that not one word will be written without a solid understanding of what's already been written on the topic, and what you are wanting the article to accomplish (whether it be to rank on the first page of google with a number 1, 2 or 3 post or drive sales to your life-changing product or service).
If I feel like a fit for your next project or projects, please reach out so that we can talk about your requirements.

What People Are Saying...

"Kris is a gifted writer with a solid understanding of SEO and a knack for presenting information in an engaging way. She writes articles that will rank in Google AND are pleasant to read for your readers." Robert Van Tongeren (Smart Blogger )

Where Can You Find Samples of My Writing...

Topics: Mental Health, Parenting, Motivational Coaching, Alternative Healing and last but not least Supplements (You should see my medicine cabinet).
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