Kirsty Wilson

Want engaging, entertaining and intriguing SEO friendly articles with personality? Look no further.

Kirsty Wilson is obsessed with travelling to incredible destinations, living life to the full and eating amazing food that nourishes the mind, body and soul.

A certified content marketer, Kirsty writes content that Google loves!  Originally from Australia, she is passionate about writing read-worthy articles specialising in lifestyle, nutrition / health, self-improvement and travel. And eating tacos.

A self-confessed nomad, Kirsty eats and writes her way around the world documenting her incredible travels and creating front-page-of-Google-worthy content.

Check out some of her work:


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Xperiencify - Teachable Review

"Kirsty was a delight to work with! She did an excellent job on the post she wrote for Xperiencify. Kirsty was collaborative, met—rather exceeded—her deadlines, was responsive to feedback (what little was needed), and generally made my job a lot easier. Kirsty’s writing skills are top-notch. I can’t wait to work with her again!"

Tamara Toles
Content Editor

Kirsty is a native English speaker (and grammar freak) with an Aussie flair, who can write in both American and British English. However, her American and British accents are appalling.
Topics: Lifestyle, Travel, Health, Self-improvement
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