Katrina Santa Ana

I’m a New York-based certified Content Marketer with extensive experience in Human Resources and Employee Experience.

My process starts with understanding my client’s goals, researching the audience and competition, and developing an outline and draft.

By understanding your goals and audience, I write compelling content to help your  businesses thrive with increased traffic, trust, and connection.

While aligning with your brand’s unique voice and mission, I turn complex topics into informative content with a conversational tone.  I’m also passionate about using empathy to help readers gain clarity and feel empowered to take next steps.

From my previous work, I have subject matter expertise in human resources and personal and professional development topics.  I’ve written content and copy for communications and training on topics ranging from onboarding, recruitment, benefits, compliance, and management.

In prior roles, I’ve always worked to cultivate strong client relationships by providing excellent and reliable service and delivering results on time and within budget.

You can view a sample of my work here: https://bit.ly/39nROmT.

If you have questions or want to discuss more, I’d be happy to chat!

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