John Barton

Impactful, Experienced and Reliable Content Writer - Certified Content Writer and Business Owner with Broad Knowledge

I'm a certified content marketer and published textbook author based in Japan but have worked in various markets. I am an MBA graduate with wide experience. I have over 10 years of experience in real estate, property and hospitality businesses. I have run a large property and hospitality business for the last six years, own a craft beer restaurant and previously ran my own golf school. Most recently, I have been involved with driving the early development stages of a technology company in Asia Pacific.

I specialise in writing about business topics, cloud computing, hotel and resort development, tourism, beer (and other alcohol) and golf. I can produce a wide range of content for you and your business including informational articles, comprehensive guides and essays.

Understanding the customer side deeply, my main focus will be on your needs and how I can drive the results you are looking for from the content I write. We'll start with a 15-minute discussion about your project, however big or small. Then I'll produce a brief including an outline, followed by a first draft for your review. With extensive knowledge of SEO and other ranking factors, the posts I write will impact your business.

You can rely on me to listen carefully and produce something that makes a difference to you and your business. I am easy to work with and reliable.

Please get in touch and let me produce some content for you that delivers results.

Here are some samples:

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"John is an engaging writer who takes the time to understand your project, bring the research and make the content sing. He also brings great information display ideas and thoroughness in his research. He's fast, professional and fun to work with. I highly recommend him for your next project." Anthony Metivier, Creator of Magnetic Memory Method (

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Topics: Business, Management, Technology, Memory, Golf, Hospitality, Japan, Marketing, Beer
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