Joel Mikelionis

I don't just write: Careful thought, research and experience leads to success

My name is Joel and...

I'm a Certified Content Marketer living in the Chicago suburbs. My career has spanned over 25 years (and multiple industries) in turning random and unorganized information into clear and useful content for both small and large businesses.

Are My Skills and Background What You Require?

Detailed writing has included ultimate guides, how-to procedures and step-by-step instructions along with more concise but still all-inclusive product brochures. I've provided website and LinkedIn posts to boost company awareness of special products and events.

Travel and Living Abroad

Extensive traveling in my work allowed me to gain first-hand experience of living overseas and I have used these professional and social situations in my writing. One week I'm writing procedures for a refinery process and the next I'm running with the bulls in Pamplona. Lots of work but also lots of fun.

Job Search Process

Included in my career has been a decade of contracting where each opportunity brought with it new challenges of the job hunt and the multitudes of recruiters, position-specific resumes, company applications and the eventual interviews that accompany the process.

Creative Hobbies

When I'm not writing, I do like to involve myself in activities that use hands-on creativity like making small gifts for my nephews and niece. Clocks, tooth-fairy boxes and special design containers for their knickknacks have been recent projects that I'm also documenting either for my own use or perhaps a requirement for your niche.

More Hobbies (with Investment Potential)

I like to collect coins, tokens and paper money. Much of this started as a kid but my collections grow whenever I travel and find interesting coins and currency in the places I visit. Maybe some of it is more valuable than others, but the fun in locating different designs can be as rewarding as the potential investment opportunities in pieces not found in general circulation.

Workflow Process to Success

Writing is a process where I like to understand the client's goals before taking on the assignment. Whether you are looking to bring in more traffic or boost your expertise on a subject, we will work together to establish a mutual understanding of your writing needs.

This collaboration will provide the foundation for great content that provides anticipated results. Research of other top content producers and the preparation of a detailed outline for your review will precede writing the draft copy for your approval.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for someone who takes pride in meeting and exceeding established goals and uses a combination of experience and investigation to bring such plans to fruition, then I welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements.

Sample Work

My recent ultimate guide including personal travel experience as support material is in the following sample:

Senior Travel Groups: The Ultimate 2022 Tour Guide

Topics: Travel, Living Abroad, Job Search, Resumes and Interviewing, Creative Hobbies, Collecting Anything for Fun and/or Investment
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