Jessica Glendinning

Freelance education, health, and wellness writer | BCorps | Startups & Innovation
Jessica Glendinning is a freelance content writer in the personal development, health & wellness, and startup & innovation markets.
She has worn “content” hats at several different companies, including Content Writer at Mirasee, Managing Blog Editor at Ruzuku, and Editorial “Jill of All Trades” at Storied. With well over 500,000 (fiction) words written since her first NaNoWriMo in 2007, and as an alumna of well-known blogging and writing courses, Jessica has a love for – and a deep understanding of – all things writing and content marketing.
She has a deep and eclectic mix of knowledge in several different markets (via both career and personal experience) including personal development, health and wellness, marketing (with a specific focus on online course creation), advocacy, and the startup / innovation sector.

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