Jessica Barnaby

Writer | Illustrator | Business Strategy & Marketing

Writing Samples:

*** Ranked page 1 of Google within 1 week of publication, Aug 2019

*** Ranked page 1 of Google within 12 hours of publication, Aug 2019

As a ghostwriter, I have 10+ years of experience writing in a range of styles and voices. Please see my portfolio for more samples:

My background is a blend of business, technology, writing and art. Problem-solving and analysis is the common thread.


My business, marketing and technology experience is hands on:

  • I’ve contracted as Operations Director for 3 start-ups
  • I've written user-guides and manuals for corporates, including Diageo (beers and spirits) and NATS (National Air Traffic Services)
  • I’ve been a programmer, web designer and tech troubleshooter. I still handle my own tech.
  • I work with small businesses and freelancers to get them established and grow

As a ghostwriter for the last 10+ years, I’ve written about:

  • Business strategy and implementation (small business, entrepreneurship, freelancing)
  • Marketing
  • Memoir/Remembrance books, journals and articles
  • Sales material (brochures, email funnels and landing pages)

I’m also a self-taught artist/illustrator, creating images and designs for blogs, books and products.

Am I a Good Fit for You?


  • Long-form content is a speciality. 2000-8000 words full of actionable and problem-solving content that your readers will love!

I absolutely love what you had to say here, Jessica. So many fantastic nuggets I can’t begin to summarize and reflect them all. - Julie Jordan Scott

  • It’s all about you. I’m easy to work with, adaptable, open to feedback and my ghostwriter days have trained me to write in many voices and styles
  • I’m adept at conducting research, surveys and interviews

Possible Cons:

  • I’m British, and if you’re not, you may have to edit some of the Britishness out of my work. I do self-edit but something might sneak through
  • Pet peeves are "awesome" and "amazing" and such wilted words... you'll need to have me in character (or pay me double) to get me to use them 🙂

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Topics: Business Strategy, Marketing, Branding, Psychology, NLP, Health, Fitness, Pets, Art
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