Jarius Elliott


Who I Am

Hello, my name is Jarius and I'm a certified content marketer based in Akron Ohio. I have over 20-years' experience in all types of management and leadership roles in remote & hybrid work, communications, customer service, healthcare and direct sales.

What I Do

My specialty is writing detailed, long-form, customer-focused content on topics that relate to leadership, productivity, time management and proactive health. I take great professional satisfaction championing your goals and objectives and connecting them to your customers' desires and pain points.

How I Do It

You undoubtedly would like to increase your search traffic and establish a rock-solid authority on your topic. Once you communicate your goals to me, and we agree on the most effective direction, I do all the competitive research needed to produce best-in-class content that will resonate with your current and potential customers. Of course, before I start the draft, you will be vetted on my detailed outline for your review and approval. Rest assured you will be in the loop every step of the way whether it's a blog post, white paper, product announcement or a simple email campaign.

Why I Am the Right Choice

We both know that effective content marketing can be hard work. There is no magic formula, no website click machine to turn on. As a manager and a business owner myself, I adopt the owner's perspective on customer thinking and personality. I work for my clients like it were my business. It takes patience, consistency and attention to detail to create content that the customer is personally attracted to. Just as you value your customers, so I will ensure that each piece of content we create together is focused on two things: your customer and your goals. Long-form, short-form, competitive analyses all will be aimed at getting you the results you need and pay for. Quick turnaround and deadlines are my specialties. Hopefully I've communicated value in us working together. If so, contact me and let's have a non-fluff, non-sales convo.

You can view a sample of my work here:

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Topics: Blogging, Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Remote and Hybrid work, Time Management and Productivity (focusing on Getting Things Done), Customer Service Relationships and Training, Health Care, (Especially as it relates to proactive care activities and older adults), Leadership, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Coaching
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