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Effective Business Writing For Busy Entrepreneurs | SEO Content

You have a business you believe in.

You know your product is superior to competitors. And once your customers learn about it, they're sure to keep coming for more.

Now all you need is a trusted writing partner to turn your ideas into remarkable content.

Let me help you do that.


I think you'll agree with me if I say:

Ranking on Google is hard.

Yes, it is. But it's not impossible.

Your competitors are doing it. So can you.

I firmly believe content backed by solid research and optimized with proven SEO practices can not only rank on Google but also do much more.

Such as:

  • Generate high quality and much-needed traffic for your website
  • Share genuine and valuable information with your readers and earn their trust
  • Convert high-quality traffic into profitable leads and customers
  • Build your brand's value and provide you the right kind of visibility in your industry

And that's what I can help you achieve.

I specialize in writing well-researched, detailed Ultimate Guides, eBooks, and focused articles targeting readers' specific needs on Google.


As a busy entrepreneur with a to-do list longer than the Nile, the last thing you want is a content writer, you spend hours explaining what to do.

I get you.

And that's why I've designed a result-oriented process to kick start your project as below:

Step 1: Understand your marketing goals, your target readers and their search intent

Step 2: Research your competitors and identify opportunities to outrank them

Step 3: Prepare a content outline for a superior post

Step 4: Craft an effective and optimized post for your target keyword

Though I have a system of my own, I'm also open to adapt to a process you're comfortable with.

So if you want a business writer who can deliver top-notch writing, on time, and help you buy your first Fincantieri luxury yacht paying in cash - I'm the one you call. 🙂


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"Jabal has shown excellent business competencies and maturity in handling critical initiatives. He's creative, research-oriented and has demonstrated the ability to articulate simple solutions for complex problems. Practical marketing and communication skills are his best qualities." 

Vidya A., Director, Cognizant (www.cognizant.com)

"Jabal is a rare breed of professionals with a structured approach to problem-solving. He brings in the culture of creativity, innovation, leadership, and a sense of ownership. A creative thinker & writer and an excellent professional who is fun to work with!"

Dinesh V., Product Manager, NICE Actimize (www.niceactimize.com)

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