Germano Silveira

B2B Content Marketer Who Creates Lead-Generating Content

Want to outsource your content creation so you can focus on growing your business & delighting customers?

Or perhaps you have a single important writing project that you want to ensure delivers results.

I'm Germano Silveira, a Boston-based freelance content creator with 8 years of experience in digital marketing. I help businesses reach & delight their audience by creating content that:

  1. Ranks on page 1 of Google SERP's for your targeted keywords
  2. Converts readers into leads, customers, & brand advocates
  3. Continues to generate traffic long after it's published



I create detailed, actionable B2B content for SaaS & marketing companies.

I specialize in creating articles, ebooks, & case studies that attract & convert readers.

My job is to take YOUR marketing strategy & turn it into engaging content that helps you realize your marketing goals.

My content is:

  • Optimized to rank in search engines
  • Optimized to engage, delight, & connect with your readers
  • Equipped with high-quality images (graphics, screenshots, title cards, quotes, charts)
  • Delivered on time



I know how to study your target audience, get inside their head, & create content that influences them to take action.

I understand what Google wants, & how to optimize content so that it ranks well & sends traffic to your site long-term.

And I know how to blend the two together seamlessly in order to create amazing content that helps you achieve your marketing goals.



So, if you want content that performs well & helps you reach your business objectives...

If you want to work with a content creator who delivers results...

And if you're tired of working with cheap freelancers who create sub-par content...

Then review some samples of my work (below) & let's get started on your next project!


Check out some samples of my work:

1.) How To Craft The Perfect Writing Sample In 2020 (+ Examples) (This article ranked on the first SERP for target keyword in 3 months!)

2.) What is Freelance Writing (+ Answers to All Your Questions)

3.) 31 Ways To Find (& Land) Freelance Writing Jobs In 2020 [I wrote Tips #7-#16 in the "16 Hacks for Finding Under-the-Radar Writing Job Opportunities" section of the article]

4.) Ultimate Guide To Chatbot Software: Top 10 Tools To Ignite Your Business

5.) How To Start A Continuing Education Program Online In 2020: 6 Tips For Success


Topics: B2B, SaaS, Education Industry
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