Edwin Warui

On a mission to help construction and manufacturing firms build authority through irresistible content that drives valuable traffic to their websites

Hi there,

I'm Edwin, a certified content marketer(Jon Morrow of SmartBlogger) with a background in Civil Engineering and over two years of experience in the transport industry.

What l do

I help people just like you. I help businesses and websites turbocharge their traffic and increase their visibility on Google.

Let me explain:

l specialize in writing in-depth, long-form content in an engaging and conversational way.

So, how do l do it?

First off, this is a journey that we will walk together. I will hold your hand in the way of a content brief that highlights all the expectations and ensures that we are on the same page.

But that's not all...

I will then use the skyscraper technique to produce world-class content.

So, in case you are wondering...

Why I'm different from other content marketers?

With a background in Civil Engineering, you can be assured that l can handle those complex topics and transform them into snackable content for your audience.

When we join hands, great things are bound to happen. You will be guaranteed reliability, attention to detail, and a seasoning of rockstar SEO.

Here's what clients have said about me:

"I could not recommend Edwin enough. He is such a talented writer - he is able to make content highly engaging and enjoyable to read and also it’s all underpinned with improving your search rankings, of which we have seen real results. Not only this but his approach is so refreshing - he cracks on with very little steer and produces the best content. His work ethic is unrivalled and can turn around pieces to very tight deadlines and all with a lovely and friendly manor. Edwin is an absolute asset to any business."

Oliver Smith, Co-Founder, SWW Marketing

And one more thing before you go, here are examples of my work:

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Is this something you would be interested in?

Feel free to shoot me an email and let's discuss your content needs.


Topics: Personal finance, Personal development, Technology, Construction, Manufacturing
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