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I’m Brian Landry, a content marketer. I work remotely, but I live in Boston (Insert park car in Harvard yard request here). I’ve been writing my whole life: tear jerking “goodbye” emails to my team when leaving a job, heart wrenching eulogies at funerals, spirit soaring kudos at weddings, political fights on social media, songs, poems, philosophical diatribes, and love letters.

I worked in food retail for 20 years-everything from gourmet coffee and tea to specialty, artisan, and organic foods. I know how to sell-and upsell-products. During the same time, I pursued a career as a professional opera singer. Your clients are your “audience”, and I know how to engage an AUDIENCE! I know how to keep them coming back, wanting more. Add to that my SEO training, which will drive traffic to you and your clients; your web pages, your blogs. I know myself, Socrates style, so I know everyone. I'm an empath who knows how your clients think. I write about food, self-help, health, music, movies, and travel. I love words and etymology, so I'm a research fanatic. I am equally at ease writing a 200 word email, or a 3000 word Ultimate Guide, and everything in between. I tease out the simple, unifying and universal principles of complex problems and concepts in your industry, making them approachable and relatable to your clients and customers.

I begin with YOU: your needs, desires, and strategy. Then I deep dive into research, and come up with a structure. Then I wave the magic wand of SEO, and voila! I’ll have you ranking in no time, and all along, I’ll be checking in to make sure we follow your vision.

I am a proud over-communicator. If I have questions, you will know. If I have suggestions, you will know. If I think there’s a problem, you will know. If I think you’re wrong, you will know, and I will SHOW you WHY I think that. So, if you want a smoke blowing suck up who will tell you all the pretty things your ego desires while your business tanks, I’m a bad choice.

These days, my writing is at my Smart Blogger profile and my Medium page.


Topics: Food, music, movies, health, parenting special needs, sobriety, and travel.
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