Beverly Matoney

Compelling Copy, Focused Market


You're looking for copy and content! I can provide both.

Whether you need persuasive copy that sells or informative content that engages, you're on the right profile.

Here's a quick list for you:

  • Blog posts customized for your site
  • Well-researched articles backed by cited data
  • Lead magnets that compel action
  • Email newsletters and sequences to stay in touch with your audience
  • Direct mail pieces they can read over breakfast
  • Social media posts that get likes, comments, and shares

Or perhaps a writing project you have in mind that's not on this list.

Interested in how I write? Take a look at this article on Medium about senior travel.

Or this guest post on WriteShop about teaching persuasive writing to homeschoolers.

Let's talk so you can get back to work and stop reading writer profiles. 🙂


P.S. Check out my website for more information, my portfolio, and my client list. I can't wait to e-meet you!


Topics: homeschool, education, senior living, senior health, whole foods, healthy eating, homesteading, cats, ACT/SAT testing, tutoring, home organization, subscription boxes
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