Will Hawkins

Result-oriented Freelance Content Marketer specialising in high tech, industrial and consumer product markets

I live in the UK. I’m a Smartblogger-certified content marketer, and SEO consultant. 

If you need help with B2B guides, articles, and blog posts which help non-technical readers understand high tech, industrial solutions, I can help. 

Also, if you need content marketing help for B2C markets, read on. I write high ranking SEO content for consumer companies, about motorhomes (RVs), campervans and caravans.

That’s a strange mix, right? 

Here’s the background.

For the past 20 years, I’ve worked for technology, including Microsoft, HP,  publishing companies, as well as specialist search engines and research companies.

Often, I had to explain new software solutions to sales people. Examples include explaining a new version of an operating system, an email and messaging server, or a software development suite. 

I gave them the background to the solutions, what their customers would ask, and how they could help customers with their own solutions. 

For four years as a B2B magazine and website editor, I wrote compelling, SEO-optimised articles on technical topics, including air conditioning, refrigeration or thermodynamics. Even when the subject is technical or industrial, readers and search engines still demand and seek interesting, well written content.

For B2C publishers I worked for, they wanted evergreen content, which helped build authority in their niches. The B2C guides I wrote often reached the first page of Google within months, sometimes within weeks.

Here are some examples of SEO content I’ve written:

Chatbot Software: The Ultimate Guide (with 22 examples)

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Caravan

The Ultimate Guide to Caravan Layouts

I’ve moved that experience into content marketing for clients. The SEO content I write works well for readers, clients and Google.

My clients are more competitive online and get better results from their websites. Those strong results mean more visits, leads and conversions. I can do the same for you. 

Other experience you can use to help your business

  • I built and operated an online delicatessen in the early 2000s.
  • I started a live, online training business in 2008, training database managers in Microsoft technologies. Clients included UBS and Reuters.
  • I’ve created and I’m delivering a digital marketing plan for a soya wax candle maker to grow online sales from their target market (women aged 34 to 44 with children who want a little more ‘me time’).
  • Oh, and I cycled down Africa in my 20s for a year (Before you ask, I cycled 17,000 km!)

That’s enough about me. This is all about you.

Use my SEO, content marketing and business experience to help you grow your online business.  

Get in touch to see how I can help you and your business. Click the links below! I look forward to hearing from you.

Topics: software, high tech, technology, outdoor leisure vehicles, manufacturing, B2B, B2C
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