Westrow Cooper

For content to take your ideal clients from 'don't know you' to 'absolutely love you'

I’m Westrow, a certified content marketer based in the UK specialising in healthcare, tech, senior living and travel.

In an earlier life I was a technical copywriter and retain a knack for writing about complex topics in a clear and engaging way.

I write detailed, long-form blog posts such as ‘ultimate’ guides and in-depth case studies, as well as conversational website content and shorter news-style posts. All work is carefully crafted to help you attract more search traffic and establish your authority on a subject.

In addition to excellent research skills and in-depth understanding of SEO, some of the reasons clients like to work with me:

“Westrow is very professional and responsive and has done excellent work for us”  "He can be relied upon for positive and useful input"  “He is a pleasure to work with and a willing contributor to any effort” 

For some examples of recent work, please see:

Senior Travel Adventure: The Ultimate Guide for 2020

Dorset in winter (Ssshh! Don't tell anyone - it's the best time to visit)

Thank you for reading - and do get in touch to discuss any current writing needs.

Topics: Healthcare, SaaS, technology, senior living, travel, digital marketing
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