Victoria Walton

I write clear, engaging blog posts that connect readers with your message and inspire them to take action

My name is Victoria and I am a Certified Content Writer based in Southern California.  I most enjoy writing posts in the areas of health, wellness, fitness, career, and finance, and I do so in an upbeat, conversational manner.

Highly collaborative in my approach with clients, I seek to thoroughly understand your needs and goals, clarifying details from the get-go.  In fact, I won’t start writing any post until you approve the proposed outline.  Surprise parties are great, but surprises in your post are not!

I’m a great choice because I listen well and ask the kinds of questions that minimize unnecessary challenges.  Meticulous and conscientious, I take the same organized, focused, insightful approach to writing posts for you that I took to writing papers for grad school – papers that earned me a 4.0 GPA in my Master’s program.  So, let’s get the party started!  (Without the surprises, of course.)

You can view a sample of my work here: How to Relieve Lower Back Pain in 2023

Topics: Health, Wellness, Fitness, Finance, Career
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