Victoria Peel-Yates

I help impact-driven businesses stand out with a blend of thought leadership and content marketing.

I had many incarnations before I became a content marketer.

The first was as a humanitarian aid worker. During that life, I lived on four continents and traveled to over 50 countries. 

In 2013, I moved to Barcelona “for six months.” But I fell for the city of Gaudí and the Mediterranean lifestyle and, eight years later, I’m still here.

(It certainly beats the rainy UK, where I grew up.)

My personal struggles with depression and anxiety led me to become an advocate for personal development and healthy living.

Over the years, I trained as a health coach, yoga teacher, and energy healer — both for myself and to help others.

Eventually, though, I returned to my childhood dream of writing for a living. 

Now, I share my knowledge and expertise and help businesses grow through writing and content marketing. 

I’m passionate about creating compelling content that helps impact-driven businesses gain more organic traffic and increase sales.

For example, I helped a melanin skincare brand gather 1.6 million leads before it launched. 

After reading my content, between 40 and 60% of visitors stayed on the site.

I was also part of the content creation team that helped increase their website traffic by 1,570% in just three months. 

So you might be wondering — what makes me different from other writers?

I blend my unique background with proven content marketing strategies to create SEO-optimized thought leadership pieces that stand out from the crowd.

My articles and blog posts have a fresh take on content that’s already performing well on Google. 

This positions your brand as a thought leader in your industry, helping you:

  • Increase your visibility on Google
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Build your brand voice
  • Win more leads
  • And increase sales.

Check out the links below for samples of my writing:

Topics: Coaching, Health, Mental Health, Personal Growth, Marketing, Business
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