Victoria Idoipe

Engaging content that will generate traffic to your business

Engaging content that will generate traffic to your business


Hi, I´m Victoria. I´m a certified freelance content writer (in English and Spanish) based in Madrid. I´ve moved around quite a bit during my working life, studied and lived in the USA, Germany, and Tunisia. For the last five years, I have gathered experience helping businesses get traffic through relevant and engaging content.

I´ve specialized in writing content about:

  • Personal Finance
  • Self-improvement
  • Minimalist or frugal living
  • Legal  (Law School Master Degree)

My first goal is to understand your needs. After that, based on your content requirements and target keywords, I research the topic, do a thorough analysis of competing posts, and create a detailed outline for your review. 

Once we are on the same page, I craft a blog post that readers will want to read, worthy of ranking.

What I offer to my clients is:

  • Well-prepared, informative posts that provide added value to the reader.
  • A quick response time. I´m aware of how essential delivery times are in the online world.
  • Personal service. I write the articles personally and respond timely to all your communications.


Our agency, HOP Group, has worked with freelance writers for several years now. One of our biggest challenges with freelance content developers is to find people who are both committed to the deadlines and thorough in their work. After working with Victoria for months I have to say that she is a great asset to our agency. Each piece is interesting and thorough in her research. Our clients have been extremely satisfied with her pieces. As far as myself, I love working with her, communication wise she is really easy to work with and I really feel she adds very positively to our team.

Carolina Fernandez
Founder of HOP Group - Hispanic Marketing in the U.S.


"Victoria was always capable of making proper assumptions about the effort needed to accomplish the tasks and always delivered in time. Reliability and good quality have defined our professional relationship, and I hope we’ll have many more opportunities to collaborate in the coming future."

Daniel Molina
Finance & HR Manager


"It is a pleasure to work with Victoria. She is efficient, quick to grasp project concepts and instructions, and delivers on time. She has impressive narrative skills and is not afraid of creative challenges. I was delighted with her work and know I can count on her for future projects."

Gina Hernandez
Content Solver

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Topics: Personal Finance, Self-improvement, Minimalist or frugal living, Legal, Parenting
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