Vicky Cox

Content Marketing Specialist / Real Estate, Travel & City Guides, Personal Finance

You need a quality writer who knows how to get your message across. I take charge of your content marketing needs by delivering compelling content that attracts readers, communicates clearly, and ranks in search engines.

My areas of specialty are real estate (including construction, mortgage, marketing), personal finance, city guides, destination travel, seniors & aging, and addiction & recovery. I assisted in the email marketing campaign of a national real estate company, wrote informative articles as the local correspondent for a major travel blog, and produced invaluable content for addiction recovery centers.

I was a real estate appraiser for over 2 decades. I have a bachelor's degree in Agricultural Economics with a concentration in Finance and Real Estate. This experience taught me to listen carefully, communicate effectively and succinctly, and meet deadlines on time.

In my second-act career, I was a development specialist at a non-profit meeting the needs of the homeless and impoverished. I provided fresh website content, delivered effective email marketing campaigns, and developed a social media strategy. In this role, I honed my heart and skills to address the concerns and needs of my clients, volunteers, and donors.

I am a seasoned writer with strong researching and analytical skills. I know how to ask the right questions, solve problems, and deliver on-time results. I earned my Content Marketing Certification through SmartBlogger's rigorous training program.


“In short, my writer was fantastic. Totally exceeded my expectations” --- Troy Wallace - Navarre Beach Insider


Take a look at some of my content. Then let's talk about how I can deliver the content you need for your success!

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Topics: Real Estate, City Guides, Personal Finance, Travel & Adventure, Seniors and Aging, Addiction & Recovery
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