Vicki Andersen

Writing engaging SEO content to get more organic clicks

As a Smart Blogger certified content marketing writer, I create compelling stories that sell ideas, explain concepts and products. I ensure projects proceed in a timely, organized, and agile way while keeping team members and key stakeholders informed and connected. 

I help small and medium-sized businesses drive more eyeballs to their websites through my SEO content strategy and writing services. More organic clicks mean more potential customers engaging with your brand and your story. I also provide SEO content strategy - mapping out strong keywords for your site while creating content calendars, so there's a plan for your efforts.

I have strong research, writing, and editing skills from a background in journalism. I’m not afraid of research to really understand a business or market to be able to convey their story accurately.

If you need strong SEO writing and strategy, let’s talk about it! [email protected]

What can I do for you? 

Great content alone won’t create business for you. Your content has to capture the reader’s fancy, provide valuable information, and keep them reading. It also has to satisfy Google’s criteria to get it ranked. My writing positions you as an expert and gives readers an informative experience while also grabbing Google's attention. Let's convert these curious readers into your new customers, together. 

What's the process?

We solidify your goals and determine what success means for you. I do the research and write a piece to engage your potential customers while delivering SEO content that follows Google’s ranking criteria. 

Why me? 

I have been writing for over 30 years in the following areas: 

  • B2C publications and websites
  • B2B SaaS and healthcare companies
  • magazine writer and content coordinator 
  • various nonprofits in the fields of adult literacy, education, and nature conservancy
  • 25+ years of personal experience in both healthcare and veterinary sciences

Here are some client testimonials.

"This is really a beautifully written piece, Vicki. I’m so thankful for all of the work and obvious skill you put into it. I think it will be a wonderful help in helping people find hope."
Sarah Miretti Cassidy, Director of External Affairs, Cancer Hope Network

"I love working with Vicki! She is a very talented writer and content coordinator who is extremely conscientious in both details and deadlines. I would not hesitate at all to recommend Vicki to anyone needing writing and editing services."
Susan Wilinski, Freelance Writer/Editor

"Vicki is a consummate professional and skilled writer/editor."
Traci Marotta, Publisher, Best Version Media

"What a great experience. Just our conversation was very insightful, but the final product was even more amazing."
Mario Gutierrez, Program Director, Save a Mind Foundation, PA

"Vicki is a great writer and communicator. Responsive and easy to get in touch with and was very timely in completing the project."
Holly Robinson, Executive Director, Grace Lake Therapeutic Horsemanship, Texas

Let me write your content marketing pieces and together we will convert curious readers into potential customers, one article at a time.

Samples of my work:

Navigating Breast Cancer Clinical Trials: A Patient Guide - 3500+ word eGuide for a healthcare SaaS

How to Find Clinical Trials for Breast Cancer - 3500+ word eBook for a healthcare SaaS

Fibrosarcoma in Dogs: The Definitive Guide to Understanding Your Dog's Cancer (2020)

Frugal Living: The 2020 Ultimate Guide to Achieving Financial Freedom

Hope Starts Here: Cancer Hope Network 2020

Topics: SaaS, Healthcare, Veterinary Sciences, Insurance, E-commerce, Digital Marketing
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