Vesna Kraushaar

Freelance Technology Writer for Fintech, IoT, Foodtech, and Marketing

Food and beverage technology, IoT, and fintech marketers: Looking to create a bond with your customers? Want your audience to be as excited about your product as you are? Are your clients baffled by your tech-speak?

I can help.

I create encouraging and thoughtful content that speaks directly to your audience’s concerns, building trust, and fostering loyalty.

Food and Beverage:
Need a writer who has experience balancing quality, compliance, and production deliverables? I've been on the floor and in the conference room. I use my experience to write clear and understandable content that speaks to the office as well as the dock.

Does your app provide a mountain of information at the touch of a button? Let me connect-the-dots for your customers through detailed informational content that answers their questions before they realize they have them.

Does your fintech app help open doors to credit, lending, or payment services for individuals or small businesses? I can help show why your platform is the partner they can trust with their financial goals?

Your customers want to do business with someone they know, trust, and who shares their values. Show your clients you have their back through authentic and meaningful content.

Working with me:
My unique background as a scientist and instructor helps me create well-researched, thorough, and thoughtful copy. For years, I’ve acted as the intermediary between experts and laypeople in the complex pharmaceutical, forensics, and food and beverage industries. Draw on my experience to reach your customers and help them succeed with your product.

View a sample of my work: 

Small Business Marketing: The Ultimate Guide for Non-Marketers

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Topics: Fintech, Financial Services, IoT, SaaS, FoodTech, TravelTech
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