Tracy George

Copywriter and Content Marketer -Results driven SEO writing for Non-profits, Good Causes and, Sustainability.

Have you ever had trouble telling your story, creating content, or generating sales for your business? 

Well, I help business owners and non-profits with their on and offline presence so they can spend less time on creating content and sales copy and more time on their business.

Hi, I'm Tracy George and over the last 5 years I  have helped people just like you tell their story, promote their products, generate sales and retain customers. Like me, you want to do good in the world.

So, why should you work with me?

  • Reliable and easy to work with
  • Great at collaborating with your team
  • Creative, with a sense of humor
  • SEO results to get you ranked well
  • Versatile writer with high standards

Come work with me and create the copy and content you want and need for your brand.

I also write email sequences, short and long form copy, UX friendly website content.

Topics: Non-Profits, Good Causes, Sustainability, Eco-Friendly Products, Organic Gardening ,Yoga, Health and Wellness
Content Marketing Certified - Badge