Timothy Desmond

Experienced writer dedicated to helping companies that care about entrepreneurship, online business, and personal finance.

I’m Tim, and I’m a certified content marketer based in Cleveland with over 15 years in the startup and publishing space.

I specialize in writing concise and engaging long-form content (such as “ultimate” guides) about entrepreneurship, online businesses, personal finance, and parenting. My writing will help your content rank well in search results thereby reaching more of your targeted audience.

I’m qualified to write about these topics drawing from my own experience as a novelist and small business owner—doing so with energy and clarity. I also happen to be a proud parent of two amazing teenagers.

Search traffic and authority matter to you, and therefore I’ll work with you to make sure I understand precisely what you want to achieve. I’ll conduct competitive research, draft a detailed outline, and check with you before I start writing a single word.

Clients continue to hire me because I deliver high-quality work ahead of the deadline. My relentless attention to detail and commitment to my craft, combined with my easy-going personality and decades of experience, makes me an attractive candidate for companies and organizations.

Are you interested in incorporating storytelling into your content marketing? If so, I’m your guy. Since 2009 I’ve written and published 2 million words (more than 25 novels), selling 185,000 books worldwide under the pseudonym of J. Thorn.

You can see my J. Thorn book catalog here:

J. Thorn on Amazon.com

You can view a sample of my work here:

How to Write a First Chapter: The Ultimate 2020 Guide (written as J. Thorn)

Parenting Styles: The Ultimate 2020 Guide for Raising Happy Children

Topics: entrepreneurship, online businesses, publishing, personal finance, parenting
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