Tim Schreyer

Copywriter with Background in Engineering and Programming who Writes for Software Producers and Manufacturing Equipment Providers

Hi, I’m Tim A. Schreyer.

I am a copywriter with background in engineering and programming, who writes for software producers and manufacturing equipment providers. I can help you with blog content, white papers, case studies, technical writing, and other materials.

I am fascinated by all technologies. Helping you promote your B2B products and services is my way of staying connected with new technologies. I love doing this, and I am dedicated to your success!

Please contact me if there is anything I can do to help you promote your business!


Chatbot Software in 2020: Choosing the Best Bot to Attract Customers to Your Business

This is an example of a B2B pillar-type blog post. It is a spec assignment that I wrote for the Content Marketing Certification class from Jon Morrow at SmartBlogger.com.

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Las Vegas Custom Cakes Website

This website is for a company in Las Vegas that sells very artistic, custom cakes for weddings and other occasions. It regularly ranked in the top 5 positions on Google during the 4 years that I managed it.

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High Meadows Mortgage Website

This website, which I designed and wrote for High Meadows Mortgage, takes its reader through the phases of Attention, Interest, Desire, Proof and Action (AIDPA) by using the following elements: …

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Amazon Listings

These are two Amazon listings. The first is for a computer program I wrote, called pbnArtist, that converts photographs into paint-by-number patterns. The second is for an acrylic paint set that accompanies the software.

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Facebook Ads

Here are three partial page ads. The first two are for Facebook, and the third one is a spec assignment (not a real product) for an AWAI B2B email class.

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Technical Writing: pbnArtist User’s Manual

I am also a computer programmer, and I have written a program called pbnArtist, also mentioned earlier. This is the user’s manual for that software.

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Topics: Industrial Tools, Business Software, SAAS, EDA Tools, Manufacturing Equipment
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