Tiffany Lewis

Committed to Helping You Grow Your Brand's Web Visibility

Who I Am

I'm Tiffany,  a Smart Blogger-certified content marketer based in Chicago, IL.

Jon Morrow and his team equipped me with:

  • the SEO knowledge necessary to write high-rank-worthy content, and
  • the writing skill required to attract and inspire readers. 

You must prove yourself before Jon Morrow puts his name behind you. That's precisely what I did. 

What I Do

With over ten years of working experience in the industry, Pet Care, particularly dog-related topics, is my primary area of expertise. But wellness, faith, family, and digital marketing topics are also my strengths.

I write thorough posts using a conversational yet professional tone and digestible language. I won't chase your readers away with content that looks and sounds daunting.
I can also write a casual tone that reads like a lunch conversation with a friend. A friend with great advice to share. Advice that points to your brand.

How I Can Serve You

From list posts to ultimate guides, I deliver high-quality work geared toward boosting traffic to your site.

My process involves three steps:

  1. You send me a content brief detailing your project goals and expectations. Then I conduct competitive research to identify how we can best achieve them.
  2. Once we're both on the same page, I create a thorough outline to help me compose a polished first draft. The draft will be my first deliverable unless you need to see the outline.
  3. I invite your feedback on the work in progress. I then make any necessary revisions before delivering a publish-worthy post.

Why My Service Matters

Whether you're a startup or a well-established business,  visibility online is essential. Your web presence tells people who you are, what you're about, and what value that provides them. Consistent visibility allows you to share your brand voice and grow your audience continually.

Therein lies the importance of great content. Content that lures, hooks, and inspires readers while also making Google happy. Content that's likely to rank high in a search and draw more eyes.

What You Can Expect

"Tiffany's attention to detail, quick turnaround time, and great attitude make editing her writing a pleasure. I'm looking forward to working with her again." - James Youngblood, Assistant Blog Editor at SmartBlogger

"Tiffany did an excellent job on her post for Xperiencify. She turned in a publish-worthy first draft—early—and worked fast on (very minor) edits. Tiffany is a skilled writer who made my job as an editor a breeze. I would love to invite Tiffany back to write another post for Xperiencify!" - Tamara Toles, Content Editor at Xperiencify

When I write for you, I guarantee:

  • SEO-optimized content capable of ranking on page one for your target keywords in a search
  • Thoughtfully-written content that attracts your target audience
  • Where applicable, firsthand experience that adds a touch of insight and relatability

View samples of my writing below:

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Tiffany Lewis--

How To Proceed

Let me help you get the traffic you need to boost sales or grow your reputation as an authority in your niche. Don't hesitate to contact me if I sound like the right fit for your project. I look forward to working with you!

Topics: pet care, wellness, faith, family, digital marketing
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