Tiffany Lewis

Striving for More Recognition in Your Niche? I'm Committed to Growing Your Online Audience

Who I Am

I’m Tiffany,  a SmartBlogger-certified content marketer based in Chicago with over 10 years of experience in the pet industry. 

SmartBlogger equipped me with the SEO knowledge necessary to write content capable of ranking high in the search engines and the writing skill necessary to draw readers in, keep them reading to the end, and inspire them to take action afterward. 

They made it abundantly clear that they don’t certify just anyone-- you have to prove yourself before they’ll put their name behind you. And that’s exactly what I did. 

What I Do

Pet care topics, particularly dog-related topics, are my area of expertise. However, I’m also experienced with lifestyle topics such as health, wellness, fitness, and personal finance.

I write thorough posts that break down difficult ideas and specialized jargon into digestible language, employing a professional yet conversational tone. I won’t chase your readers away with content that looks and sounds daunting.

I also write informational but laid-back posts with a casual tone that engages readers like a lunch conversation with a friend. A friend with great advice to share. Advice that points to your brand.

How I Can Serve You

Whether you need a complete and concise list post or longer, more comprehensive content, I will deliver high-quality work aimed toward boosting traffic to your site. 

My process involves 3 steps:

  1. Upon receiving a content brief detailing your project goals and expectations, I conduct competitive research to identify how we can best achieve them.
  2. Once we both agree upon how to move forward, I create a thorough outline for your approval. I will utilize this outline to compose the first draft.
  3. I invite your feedback on the work-in-progress, then make further revisions before delivering a piece that is to your satisfaction.

Why My Service Matters

Maybe you’re a startup trying to make a name for yourself in your industry. You have a great product to sell, a beneficial service to offer, or important knowledge to share, but no one knows who you are yet. 

Or maybe your business is well-established, and you want to maintain the momentum you already have.

Brand recognition is important. And the internet has a LOT of eyes for you to attract. Your site shows people who you are, what you do, and what value that provides them.

But they won’t see any of that if they can’t find you online. If your posts aren't ranking on page 1 of Google when they search different target keywords within your niche, chances are low that they ever will. 

You need to draw visitors to your site. And you need to make Google happy so you aren’t buried in the search-results abyss.

Great content can help with that.

What You Can Expect

  • SEO-optimized content capable of ranking on page 1 for your target keywords in a search
  • Thoughtfully-written content that draws in the masses
  • Where applicable, firsthand experience to add a touch of insight and relatability

Here's a sample of my work, the piece that helped me earn my SmartBlogger certification:

How to Relieve Lower Back Pain: Your Ultimate Pain Management Guide (+6 Prevention Tips)

How To Proceed

More site traffic can translate into boosted sales or build your reputation as an authority in your niche. 

If I sound like the right fit for your project, please email me to schedule a call. I look forward to working with you to increase your visibility on the web.

Topics: pet care, health, wellness, fitness, personal finance
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