Tiffany Kreh

A kaleidoscope writer: constantly changing perspectives

Who I am:

I'm a professional writer based in the Midwest. I have 13 years of writing experience, from an agency content specialist to a corporate internal copywriter. Since my second son (of four) was born, I've been freelance writing.

I have dozens of thrilled clients and co-workers, and I'm recently certified in SEO tactics to help your post rank on Google.

More detailed experience listed in my LinkedIn profile.

What I do:

I ghostwrite blogs for my current clients. I also work on project-based creative concepts from start to finish. I also write for magazines.

My preferred topics include lifestyle, parenting, relationships, healthy living, health and wellness, technology, spirituality, personal finance, and personal growth.

I'm skilled in research and have written for food service, higher education, banking, CPAs, retail, and more.

How I work:

I start all projects by asking my clients to fill out (or send) a creative brief detailing your target audience, keywords and objectives.

I then conduct competitive research, gathering information on what we can do better.

I'll submit an outline for edits and approval.

Included in my fees are 2 drafts with edits, and then a final deliverable.

My writing style is informative and persuasive.

I typically quote work based on a per hour fee.

My portfolio:

More samples available upon request.

Why you should hire me:

I'm bright, fun and easy to work with.

I'm extremely detail-oriented and am experienced working with teams and 1-on-1.

I spend my vacations getting lost in great books and I never say no to chocolate.

Topics: food service, insurance, health and wellness, fitness, technology, spirituality, parenting, kids, relationships, lifestyle, natural living, travel
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