Suzannah Saiah

...for those who don't want to be ordinary

Is your content marketing strategy getting you the results you want? If you can't shout a resounding "yes! - and I love it!" - we need to talk.

I'm an SEO Copywriter, Content Strategist, and Content Marketing Consultant. I create content to increase online presence, attract qualified buyers, and close sales.

As a B2B Content Marketer, I am a subject matter specialist with 20+ years of experience in I.T., SaaS technologies, and Business. I also have 20+ years in natural health (massage therapy, physical therapy), gourmet foods (French Cooking and Baking), and home and garden (organizing, appliances, products).

I specialize in long-form SEO content that attracts buyers in the decision phase (ultimate guides, reviews and comparisons, white papers, and tutorials).

...and I move buyers into the final decision with direct-response copywriting (sales pages, sales email sequences, and offers.

Is your content marketing getting you the results you want?  If not, we can change that right now. Get in touch and let's get started!

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Topics: SaaS, Marketing Automation, Content Marketing, Small Business, Online Business, Home Business
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