Susan Feiertag

I know SEO & can engage readers in marketing, health, food, & more. Let's prosper together.

I'm a freelance certified content writer from North Carolina specializing in writing long-form content including blog articles, ultimate guides, and white paper.

Remember, content is only as good as the outcome it achieves.

I write in a detailed, captivating, and candid way while bringing in humor along the way. I have over 10 years of life experience in numerous categories and can write in-depth on these subjects.

My minions are in health, real estate, marketing, aging, personal finance, and food although I can pen on any subject you need content for.    

We'll meet together so I can learn what you want to accomplish and understand your final goals. 

Using your content brief as a guideline, I'll research and construct an outline to meet your approval. This is to make sure we are on the same page before any final piece is written. 

There are many good writers out there, but being a certified content marketer, I'll bring a lot to the table such as:

  • I understand ranking on the first page of Google. I use the right words to seize hold of your readers.
  • If SEO ranking is important to you, I'll bait the hook so you can catch the fish in a most natural unsuspecting nature.
  • Your readers will love the takeaways you intend for them.
  • I do top-of-the-line research.

Yes! If reaching your dreams, engaging your audience, and SEO content is what you are looking for, contact me. Let's partner up and we'll flourish together.      

Writing Examples: (I also write articles under my pen name Suzanne Holiday.)

Topics: Health, Real Estate, Marketing, Aging, Personal Finance, Food
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