Sue Thomas

Freelance writer who gets results

Hi, I’m Sue and I’m a SmartBlogger certified content marketer based in Bristol, UK.

I specialise in writing articles and long-form content such as Ultimate Guides about topics that matter to seniors, such as dementia and healthcare technology, and environmental issues including green technology and gardening. 

With over 20 year’s experience as a journalist in print and TV, I have extensive experience interviewing people and get to the heart of a story quickly. 

Clear communication with clients matters to me. I’ll take the time to understand your goals before I begin writing I’ll take the time to understand your goals before I begin writing, evaluate the competition and then provide you with a path towards improving your standing in the search engine rankings. Once you are happy with my approach, we’ll go forward from there and I’ll write your piece.

Many companies have complex processes unique to their business which need explaining in simple terms. That’s something I can help with - demystifying the industry jargon so that the rest of us can understand what you do.

If you are looking for an experienced writer to deliver well-researched content that can rank and drive traffic to your site, please get in touch with me. 

Check out my sample content here:

The Ultimate Guide to Senior Travel (with 10 money-savvy discount tips!)

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Topics: Seniors, aging, dementia, healthcare technology, environment, green technology and gardening
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