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Cut through the NOISE! Create content that sets you apart and generates traffic with proven SEO strategies

Want reliable search traffic?  I apply SEO techniques and content frameworks to your target message so that your posts can rank well on Google.  Although organic search traffic takes time to build, your site can benefit for years when you focus on creating great content.

Whether I am developing those words in your voice, or presenting the ideas myself, SEO strategies can help you gain more readers that spend more time on your website.  When you help your readers connect to your ideas, you boost your traffic, read time, sign ups, calls to action and even sales.

With over 25 years of experience working on natural resource management issues in rural British Columbia, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the table when it comes to translating complex and science-based ideas into action-oriented posts.

Help your readers understand what actions match their values and goals.

With over 24 years of experience working on natural resource management issues in rural British Columbia, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the table when it comes to translating complex ideas into action-oriented posts.


“Sue has a deep knowledge of SEO and impressive writing skills.  I’d happily recommend her to anyone who wants to rank better on Google.”            - Jon Morrow, Smart Blogger (2020)

"I love working with Sue.  Her introductions and content are bang on for what my readers are looking for.  Her clean copy makes my job as editor easy."     - Cate Hall, Editor of The Daily Dose (2020)

“The fact is, I had a creative blast working with Sue and she exceeded all my expectations.  Every one.  She quickly became fluent in my language as a therapist and worked with my writing voice in a way that I think will feel natural and accessible to my readers.  What more could I hope for?” – Catherine Duca (2019)


Writing Samples by Topic:


Why Roosters are Important (And Crowing Makes Them Great - Get Over It!)  Published on Medium in Sustainability X; currently tracking for over 700 keywords holding 76 page 1 Google positions with 42 of those in the top 5.

Essential Oils for Chickens: The (Science-Backed) Natural Approach For Flock Health and Productivity – currently tracking on 35 keywords with 6 on page 1 of Google.

Save a Seed to Save Yourself: The Importance of Seed Saving in 2020- Published on Medium and ranked on Google page 1 for the key words "why seed saving is important" for more than 10 months.

Environment/Climate Change:

What the “Heat Dome” Looked Like Where I Live (What if you are next?) – new and tracking for several heat dome related keywords.

How to Reduce Your Food Waste (For More Than Just The Planet) – new on Daily Dose at Physician’s Choice

Variation Matters: Selective Breeding is a Climate Change Adaptation Strategy  - Published on Medium in The Startup

What exactly are you waiting for when it comes to climate change? - Guest Post on Leaf'd

The Plain Dirt on (Superhero) Soil - Published on in Sustainability X, using video embeds to link to external content


How to Reduce Cortisol Levels Naturally – new on Daily Dose at Physician’s Choice

How to Relieve Lower Back Pain:  The Ultimate Guide to Pain-Busting Strategies for Relief (at Home!) - Example of the "ultimate guide" format.  Published on in Live Your Life on Purpose.  Ranking #3 on page 1 of Google for several months.


77 Things to Write About (+7 Tips to Inspire Endless Ideas) – Guest post and new on Smart Blogger



The Naturalized Human on Substack

Exploring the Mind-Body-Food Connection through health, wellness, mindset, biology, evolution and nature.  From growing your own food to the latest in health and environmental research, what does it mean to be an ancient human living in a modern world?

My experience includes:

  • PhD (Biology - SFU) and MSc (Plant Science - UBC)
  • Registered Professional Biologist (RPBio) and Professional Agrologist (PAg) in British Columbia, winning Agrologist of the Year (2019)
  • Certified Content Marketer and Freelance writer with additional SEO and Content Strategy training through Smart Blogger
  • Project Management including strategic land use planning, wildlife management, First Nations traditional knowledge integration, and natural resource assessments.
  • Creating SEO strategy and optimized content for HOOH Hops
  • Contributing writer for Daily Dose at Physician’s Choice since 2020
  • Instructor for courses that include grizzly bear safety training, data management, project management, ethnobotany, invasive species management, seed saving, food security, and others.
  • Rose Hill Farm - small scale agriculture venture focused on heritage chickens and selective breeding.  Visit: 
  • Food Abundance Revolution - helping people build abundance in their lives, starting with the food they need to be happy and healthy.  Visit:  and sign up for the Get-Started Garden 30 Day Challenge


Topics: Environment, Climate Change, Science, Data Management, Productivity, Agriculture, Food and Food Security, Human Health, Writing, SEO Strategy
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Content Marketing Certified - Badge