Steffani Kay Pfeifer

Passionate about making a world we want to live in, I create well researched, informative and entertaining content to make you a leader in your field!

About me: I’m a freelance writer, certified content marketer, picture story book creator, and children’s book author (picture and chapter books). My purpose is to create an abundant, equitable world of peace, love and joy where everyone experiences freedom to be themselves and knows they matter.


What I do: I write for a variety of topics specializing in in-depth research. My writing is personalized according to your desired customers and intent in a direct, easy-to-read style with a little humor and flavor to make it interesting for everyone.


What you can expect: I start with a Content Brief which details what you want to have covered. We discuss this to make sure we’re both on the same page, and each of us gets our questions answered up front. As a former military officer, I know what professionalism is. I’m quick to respond to your input or inquiries, and I make my deadlines happen. Pricing is per project with an initial estimate that can be modified after the Content Brief is finalized.


For projects other than content marketing, the process is adjusted according to what is needed to ensure outstanding results you’ll be thrilled with.


Why choose me: I have a huge span of interests, so chances are I’m interested in the same things your readers are. My background varies from scientific (meteorology), mathematical, creative arts, personal growth and self improvement, mindfulness, transformation, natural health, nutrition, education, gardening, children, parenting, history and most everything in between. 


Your readers will be given an opportunity to learn in a fun, creative, entertaining way. Every post I write is written to be able to list on the first page of google search engines. Combining these approaches, everything I write for you will result in wins for you, your business, and your customers.


Where to find writing samples:

 Parenting Styles Ultimate Guide

Topics: STEM, Creative Arts, Self Help/Improvement, Personal Growth, Mindfulness, Health and Wellness, Parenting, Children, Education, Personal Transformation, Gardening