Sidney Kelley

Telling the Stories of Business


Hello, I’m Sid, an Analyst, Writer, and Photographer based in middle Central Florida.

I have over 45 years’ experience in tax (IRS, property tax collection), accounting (internal audit, financial statements), and computers (IBM's MVS, Unix, Microsoft Office Suite, financial analysis).

My Masters in Business (MSBA) is from Cal Poly Pomona, my CPA 6409 (inactive) is from Washington State. I am studying SEO Strategy and Content Writing with


My specialty is SEO strategy (search engine optimization) and business and technology writing. My passion is Data Mining and all the reports and algorithms that come from it: as in Archeology, you find what you find.


Your Goals come first, I’m here to help, let's see how we work together. We can start with a website audit. Could an SEO strategy improve your SEO rankings? Or we can start with a writing project, spec’d out in a Content Brief or similar document, tuned-in for SEO. Then, what next?


If you are looking to work with an analyst and writer with deep experience in business and technology, and a well-spoken, imaginative, and well-organized over-achiever, then let’s talk.


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Topics: SEO, Business, Technology, Travel
Content Marketing Certified - Badge