Shirley Ann Chua

SEO + Enhanced UX = Increased Website Traffic

Hi there! I’m Shirley, a certified content marketer from Manila, Philippines.

I’m currently active in the interior design field as a designer, and my resumé also includes years in the construction supply and pharmaceutical industries.

As a writer, I do blog pieces and web pages with attention to search engine optimization (SEO) and user experience (UX).

In addition, I do content audits to identify gaps and missed opportunities in terms of… you guessed it… SEO and UX.

What do these mean, you may ask.

In the simplest terms, SEO helps your site get found by your ideal prospects. And if your content is written with UX in mind, your visitors stay on your site longer, making it easier to convert them into leads and customers.

These result in increase in traffic and activities that help you achieve your business goals, whatever they may be.

Here’s a proposition.

To help you decide whether I’m the marketer for you, let me do a quick and mini audit of your website. Within 72 hours, I’ll return a report with several ideas you can immediately implement for a more effective web presence.

And yes, this is complimentary, no strings attached. There wouldn’t even be a follow-up, I promise.

In case you’re considering taking me up on this, here’s the link to a 5-point questionnaire to guide my audit according to your business goals.

No, I haven’t forgotten…

You’re here to find a writer and find one whose writing you like.

Here’s a blog sample for your vetting process:

Frugal Living Guide: Principles & Tips for the Beginner (Includes Printables)


Ready to move forward?

I’m just an email away for any question, or when you’re ready to discuss your projects.

Topics: Home Improvement, Interior Design, Decorating, Professional Organizing, Health
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