Sherri DeRhodes

Client-Centered Freelance Writer Gets Search Results and Engages Your Readers

Sherri’s my name, and words are my game. Yes, I did just say it that way.

Corny as it sounds, words are my passion, and I’ve been collecting, arranging, and re-arranging them in a multitude of ways for many years.

I love the challenge of transforming ideas, concepts, and visionary thinking into the written result that works for you – your business, your goals, and your bottom line.

There are not many types of writing I haven’t done. My experience runs deep:

  • Blog posts
  • Content Marketing
  • Communications
  • Technical writing
  • Marketing collateral
  • Proposals
  • Creative writing
  • Web copy

And...I have worked in numerous industries and disciplines:

Health and wellness Holistic and alternative health
Life coaching Aging and retirement
Women’s Empowerment Academia
Metaphysics Insurance
Financial services Oil and Gas
Electric power and alternatives


Every project is unique, but I apply my experience as a starting point for each. From there, I tailor your content to your specifications.

My goal is to capture your voice and understand your audience, so our collaboration is powerful from the start.

Here’s what I can do for you:

  • Grasp the full scope of your goals and desired outcome
  • Develop a thorough understanding of your audience
  • Translate technical concepts into engaging content
  • Synthesize many voices into a single powerful voice
  • Guide your writing project through the process
  • Recommend tactics to achieve search result goals (SEO)
  • Deliver on time and within your budget
  • Make the whole process painless and even fun!

My approach is professional yet personable. Structured yet flexible. Committed to excellence.

Find out if my writing style works for you by reading a few examples of recent projects:

Sherri DeRhodes - Freelance Writer Portfolio

Topics: Health and Wellness, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Creativity, Women's Empowerment, Aging, Financial Services, Insurance, Oil/Gas, Power, Academia
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