Sarah Lentz

Storyteller and researcher for autism, addiction, and mental health

I'm a Minnesota-based freelancer and published author who specializes in blog posts and eBooks for the mental health and personal development niches.

I help clients build connections with readers dealing with real-life personal development challenges, specifically related to adult autism, alcohol addiction, and everything that goes with thyroid dysfunction.

I create those connections through long-form, value-packed blog posts and short, actionable eBooks. Since many of my readers prefer communication through the written word and social media, I'm happy to help clients respond to their readers via blog comments, social media accounts, and email.

Clients enjoy working with me for the following reasons:

  • Clear, efficient, and timely communication from start to finish
  • Consistency with meeting deadlines
  • Thorough editing and formatting
  • Engaging, conversational writing style
  • Writing from lived experience and careful research

You can read a sample of my work here, as well as on my writing blog.

As someone who's curious about and open to a variety of personal development paths, I look forward to helping your readers discover their gifts, learn from their experiences, and find their way forward.


Topics: Mental health, autism, ASD, addiction, alcoholism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, mindset
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