Sarah Lentz

Author and Freelance Writer / Ghostwriter

I'm a Minnesota-based freelancer and published author whose dream is to work as a ghostwriter with a creative, committed, and passionate team that helps clients turn their ideas into bestselling books.

While I also write on alcohol addiction and the challenges that go with thyroid health issues and adult autism, the blog on my author website focuses mainly on self-care, health, and personal growth for women aged 40 years and above.

With my (ghost)writing, editing, and formatting skills, I enjoy helping clients create, polish, publish, and promote gush-worthy books.

Clients enjoy working with me for the following reasons:

  • Clear, efficient, and timely communication from start to finish
  • Consistency with meeting deadlines 
  • Thorough editing and formatting
  • Engaging, conversational writing style
  • Writing from lived experience, empathy with my clients, and careful research

You can read a samples of my work using the following links:

As someone who's curious about and open to a variety of personal development paths, I look forward to helping your readers discover their gifts, learn from their experiences, and find their way forward.


Topics: ghostwriter, writing books, self-publishing, self-care, mental health, mindset, fitness, skincare, beauty
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