Ryan Johnson

Content Marketing Specialist Writing on all Things Health and Wellness

No one needs yet another health-related opinion.

More than that, no one reads yet another health-related opinion.

What people do consume is well-researched, action-oriented, health and wellness-related information that clearly benefits them.

This is the kind of content that stands out.

This is the kind of content that I write.

I have a content marketing certification and SEO training from Smart Blogger and a bachelor’s degree in Human Health, and these work together to both capture readers’ attention and rank high on Google.

How I Can Help

I write posts on all topics health and wellness related that:

  • Generate traffic for your website and brand
  • Are formatted for SEO and reader quality
  • Build trust that converts readers to customers

This lets you worry about, well...anything else, knowing that a professionally minded and trained writer is taking care of the content.

I accomplish this with the gameplan used in all successful posts:

  • Using a content brief to fully understand your top priorities
  • Creating an outline that you approve before beginning
  • Being promptly available using clear communication
  • Always hitting your deadlines
  • Being open to your feedback

Don’t hesitate to reach out - I’m happy to help!

Topics: health, nutrition, diet, wellness, social work
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