Ruth Zubairu

If SEO was human, It would be ME. Crafting Compelling Content That is Personable & Generates Epic Results

Hello! My name is Ruth

I am an Online Visibility Strategist - I help personal brands and corporate organizations get seen, known and paid with Content marketing.

In 2015, I switched careers from being a Human Anatomy graduate to Freelance writing after having my two sons in quick succession. I combined the possibilities offered by the internet and my love for words to launch a new version of me!

What I've Done

My articles have been published on authority platforms like the Huffington Post, Positively Positive as well as on landing pages for clients.

I have helped corporate executives establish themselves as experts in their industry by creating and implementing a content strategy that educates, inspires, informs and entertains their audience. Providing a seeming endless content stream that is enjoyable for their audience whether it is on their website or on social media platforms.

I have also built result-oriented inbound marketing strategies that help my clients lead their prospects from being interested fans along the customer journey to becoming paying clients/customers.

You Can Hire Me For:

  • Writing Cornerstone/Pillar content for your website: My pillar content takes the form of an Ultimate Guide and is written to appeal both to the readers and also highly optimized for search engines.
  • Email Autoresponders/Landing Pages: Whether the goal is lead generation or direct sales, you are sure I have my eyes on the goal.
  • Online Course Content Creation: Knowledge is the new currency and someone is probably searching online right now to pay for what you already know.

Topics That Get Me Fired Up

Entrepreneurship, Leadership/Personal Development, Parenting (no surprise there!), Health, Small business and Marketing.


Let's Work Together

Here's why you should work with me - Strategy plus heart.

In addition to having the technical skill of writing content for the internet, I write always mindful of the goal. And I bring some personality into it as well.

So if you're looking for vibrant content that will ensure your readers read every line and take the required next step, I'm your plug.

Links to my articles

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Remarks from past Clients

Ruth was prompt and very easy to work with...

Love your professionalism and attention to detail. You listen to what the customer wants and deliver.

Michelle, LB


Overall results were great and impact on my business, I recorded increased sales without personal heavy involvement day to day.

Joyce D, NG


Topics: Entrepreneurship, Leadership/Personal Development, Parenting (no surprise there!), Health, Small business and Marketing.
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