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Who ​am I

I’m Rosemary Bointon, a certified content marketer and SEO strategist.  Formerly an international business lawyer turned digital nomad, I’ve sought fun and adventure living and working in 13 different countries.  I currently live in Portugal.

●  What​ do I do

I specialise in writing well-researched in-depth articles.  Covering business start-ups, changing careers and finance,  I am particularly interested in how to put all that hard-earned experience to good use whilst keeping healthy and active (both physically and mentally) as we age.  And the fun side of life has a starring role.  My hobbies are sailing, skiing, travel, learning languages and setting myself 30-day challenges.  I am currently learning to juggle.

●  How​ do I do it

From in-depth studies, such as ultimate guides and ‘skyscraper’ articles to short and sharp ‘how to’ and list posts, I deliver articles in the shape you want for your marketing strategy.   In addition, my writing is always based on empathy with the reader.  I look for the practical angles and takeaways readers can implement straight away as well as in-depth strategies for them to implement over the longer term.  At the same time, my articles are SEO optimised to deliver for my clients.

●  Why ​I’m a good choice for you

If you want a writer who can deliver not only what the reader is seeking, but also the results that you want too, please contact me to discuss how I can help you.

●  Where ​to find samples of my work

Here are links to a few samples of my work.

The Gig Economy for Boomers: the Ultimate Guide   (Was top place on google for ‘Gig Economy for Boomers’.  Now no 7)

41 Funky Things to Do in Social Isolation  (Ranked no 2 on google for ‘Things to Do in Social Isolation’)

Your Dream Trip: the Ultimate Senior Travel Guide (2020)  (Top place on google for 'Senior Dream Trip'  and 'Dream Senior Travel')

Scientists say How the Black Magic in your Coffee helps Cheat Death (Top place on google for ‘Black Magic in Your Coffee’)

My articles have also appeared on,,,,,, and amongst others.

Topics: start your own business, gig economy, changing careers, living abroad, sleep, dancing, sailing, adventure, travel, winter sports, health and wellness, ageing, longevity, boomers, retirement, working after retirement,
Content Marketing Certified - Badge
Content Marketing Certified - Badge